Having experience in ALL BLUE products since 2003 we have collected info on the most common mistakes in product usage. Follow instructions below to enjoy our products for much longer.

How to clean and protect your sunglasses

Clean your sunglasses using a soft cloth and tab water. You can also use the microfiber case we provide you with every sunglass purchase. Don’t use soap or detergents as they may include chemicals that can damage lenses.

To protect your sunglasses and have it for a longer time period always store it at their microfiber case.

Avoid letting them at car’s dashboard as in case of summer sunshine, temperature inside a car can easily exceed 65o C and have your sunglasses lenses dilated and blurred. Same damage can be caused if sunglasses are exposed at similar conditions.

When temperature in shade is 43o C, temperature in sun will be 60o C. If you expose your sunglasses at higher temperatures than 65o C (for example cleaning them with steaming or boiling water) it is probable to damage it.

Don’t rub your sunglasses when lenses are covered with salt as it is probable to scratch them. Have them clean with a soft cloth and tab water.

How to clean and protect your knife

Clean your knife using a soft cloth and cleaning oil (lubricating oil is also fine). After each usage in sea you must clean it from salt water. In the summer heat sea water will be evaporated and remaining salt will be crystalized and become caustic thus damaging your knife.

Even our knives that are titanium covered will have their mechanism or handle damaged. Clean them with fresh tab water.

What color lenses should I choose?

Black smoke lenses are better for intense sunshine and deep blue sea water. Same is true for blue mirror lenses.

Amber lenses are better for medium sunshine (Easter and autumn) and shallow sea water. Same is valid for green mirror lenses.

Vermillion or red lenses are better for low sunshine (winter), early morning or late afternoon hours and lake waters. Same goes for the red mirror lenses.

Mirror lenses offer extra protection from glare (versus the mat lenses) and are also more stylish. However they can be more easily scratched.